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Feeling like a better developer Jan 31 2015

If you've come here following my talk at Ruby Conf, thanks for listening!

If you haven't you can watch the talk online.

Preparing a talk limited to 20m was great, in that I had to cut right to the chase. However, it also meant I had to leave out...

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2014 Development Goals - how did I go? Nov 16 2014

At the start of this year, I wrote a post about my goals for the year.

How did I go? Here's a point-by-point breakdown.

In no particular order:

1. Have at least a few live Rails sites under my belt by 2015 ✔

I've made: https://espionagesydney...

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Superstition Driven Development May 7 2014

Being involved in the Ruby community, and in particular, being involved in helping newbies learn to code, I've often come across beginners who have fallen into a trap that I could only describe as "Superstition Driven Development".

Here's a contrived...

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Duck Typing - What is it? Apr 24 2014

Duck Typing is a bit of a buzz word. If you don't know what it is, it's likely that you've used it, or at least read code that uses it, without knowing it.

There's a million posts on duck typing. Most try to get all meta and use an example of a class...

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Play the ball, not the person Apr 22 2014

Years ago, on the rules page of an online forum, I read something that stuck with me. "Play the ball, not the man". Here's an example of the former:

Hi Bob, I'd agree with your point A, but your point B contradicts C and D, which I outlined above...
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My Microcourses Idea Sucked Apr 21 2014

So. My microcourses idea sucked.

The short version of the above link is this: Newbies could do with more structure at events like Dev Hub and Rails Camp. We could make a bunch of short (1-2hr) 'microcourses'. Each would cover a specific topic, and...

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Tips for Conways Game of Life Mar 29 2014

Update: I am going. Yay. And I made some virtual scrap paper for Conway's Game of Life.

There's a senior / junior hack night on tomorrow night. They'll be doing Conway's Game of Life. I wish I could make it, but I gotta look after my babies.


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After Migration Callbacks in CakePHP Mar 19 2014

Here's a little code snippet I never remember, and often find myself looking for in past projects. Figured it'd save me some time to paste it here.

Instantiate a model and execute some SQL (or do whatever you want) after a migraton has run:

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How best to mock emails for testing in CakePHP Mar 11 2014

Great question (or rather, great answer) here

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Fix - Plesk fails to send email to same domain Mar 11 2014

I came across an issue where the server would send email fine, except if it was sending the email to the same domain as the website it was being sent from (eg. sending from the website to or similar...

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