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Never, ever, ever user Rails default scopes Nov 18 2015

I'm not the first person to recommend against default scopes.

Just wanted to throw one more warning in the pot. My previous convention was that I would ONLY use default_scope for ordering:

class Customer < ActiveRecord::Base
  default_scope -> {...
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The bare minimum developers should know about SEO Nov 10 2015

Slides and transcript of my recent talk given at both #rorosyd and meetups this November:

Hi I'm Joss, and I am not an SEO. However, I know enough to be able to call out really bad SEO advice when I see it, and that's something I feel every...

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Information before implementation Oct 19 2015

Recently at work, I was describing what a client wanted to a designer, and I said "let me take a look at what you've got so far."

His reply: "No, 'cos then you'll give me design input, and what I want is information."

While it was a small blow to...

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Some good reads Oct 12 2015

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Nulls In Your Database May 5 2015

TLDR; You should make all your database columns so they DON'T allow nulls - unless you have an explicit reason for needing nulls.

Rails defaults to letting database columns have nulls. That is, if you use Rails migrations to create a new column, if...

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2015 Development Goals Mar 25 2015

I did this last year. Been meaning to do it this year (I've had goals in my head since the beginning of the year). We're almost a third the way though 2015, but I've finally got around to writing them down.

1. Get a lot better at Ruby

As in plain...

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Ruby Load Path Mar 22 2015

A summary of this video for my future reference.

require is a kernel method. When you require files, ruby looks in the $LOAD_PATH global variable (it's also available in $:).

$LOAD_PATH is an array of absolute paths.

Let's say we have shape.rb and...

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Feeling like a better developer Jan 31 2015

If you've come here following my talk at Ruby Conf, thanks for listening!

If you haven't you can watch the talk online.

Preparing a talk limited to 20m was great, in that I had to cut right to the chase. However, it also meant I had to leave out...

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2014 Development Goals - how did I go? Nov 16 2014

At the start of this year, I wrote a post about my goals for the year.

How did I go? Here's a point-by-point breakdown.

In no particular order:

1. Have at least a few live Rails sites under my belt by 2015 ✔

I've made: https://espionagesydney...

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Superstition Driven Development May 7 2014

Being involved in the Ruby community, and in particular, being involved in helping newbies learn to code, I've often come across beginners who have fallen into a trap that I could only describe as "Superstition Driven Development".

Here's a contrived...

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