Joshua Paling

I go by Joss, not Josh. I'm a 37 year old software developer from Sydney, Australia. I've been writing software professionally since I was 18, and my recent experience is with Node.js and React and, prior to that, Ruby on Rails.


I'm involved in the Sydney and Australian Ruby community:

  • Former co-organiser of Sydney ruby meetups for 2016 / 2017
  • Ruby Conf AU 2017: head of volunteers
  • Ruby Conf AU 2016: head of volunteers
  • Ruby Conf AU 2015: spoke, and also organised the Rails Girls Next workshop.
  • Ruby Conf 2014: Mentored at, and helped organise the Rails Girls Next workshop. As this was the very first time "Rails Girls Next" had been run, this also involved me writing one of the three exercises.
  • I've mentored and spoken at various other community events


Checkout my resume.


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I'm married to Jess.

We have twins.

They're getting really big, quick...

...Really quick...

...Really, really quick!

Now they're 8 and steal my phone to take selfies

When I'm not coding or hanging with my kids, I like surfing...

... skateboarding...

... and skiing.