Joshua Paling

Talk on database indexing Jun 13 2023

Great talk on database indexing

Key points:

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Every New Hire Must Raise the Bar May 26 2021

Just a few personal lessons here, recording for my own reference.

Set an extremely high bar on hiring

Hiring is the most important thing you do as a manager. And every new hire must raise the bar. They must make the whole team better. This is an...

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Hiring Offshore May 26 2021

Though most of our engineers are based in Australia, at work we've now got teams in Ukraine, Sri Lanka, India, and Brazil. Here's some tips.

Don't lower your bar

If you wouldn't hire them for full price at on-shore rates, don't hire them off-shore...

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Breaking Prod Jul 27 2018

When broken production apps break, stakeholders immediately ask: “What can we do to ensure this never happens again?”

The relationship between development speed and bugs looks something like this:

Rushed pace & poor testing means many bugs. Slow...

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Data imports done right Dec 22 2016

I’ve been bitten more than once by data imports consuming an unreasonable amount of time in software projects. Here are some lessons.

Know what to expect

The client (or whoever is sourcing the data) will give you poor quality data from disparate...

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How to make fixed price work Oct 14 2016

Customers want fixed price. Here’s how to make it a fair deal for yourself. I recently read this tweet-storm, on why you should never take fixed price contracts.

It says:

Unless you’ve done the job 20 times, and can estimate how long it will take...

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Questions for potential employers Aug 8 2016

Unexpected circumstances have meant I've done two job hunts in recent months. I usually scribble down a handful of questions to ask or consider prior to each interview. Here they are so I can remember and refine them over time.

  1. What does the...

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What makes a good talk? Mar 22 2016

After Ruby Conf AU, I came away noticing a few common traits of good talks:

Excellent delivery

On stage, you’re not just speaking, you’re performing. Turn the enthusiasm up a few notches from what you’d use in a face-to-face conversation. Don’t just...

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Workplace Pet Hates Mar 9 2016

A list of my pet hates - particularly re: management, so I can make sure not to do them should I ever be in that position.

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Perfectionism is a disease Feb 16 2016

In year 10, my art teacher stopped me.

Stop! You're a perfectionist! And perfectionism is a disease!

Having been praised for my perfectionism all my life, I dismissed her advice. It took more than a decade for me to realise just how right she...

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