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I'm blogging sometimes on medium Oct 14 2018

Follow my infrequent posts from now on over at medium

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Questions for potential employers Aug 8 2016

Unexpected circumstances have meant I've done two job hunts in recent months. I usually scribble down a handful of questions to ask or consider prior to each interview. Here they are so I can remember and refine them over time.

  1. What does the...

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What makes a good talk? Mar 22 2016

After Ruby Conf AU, I came away noticing a few common traits of good talks:

Excellent delivery

On stage, you’re not just speaking, you’re performing. Turn the enthusiasm up a few notches from what you’d use in a face-to-face conversation. Don’t just...

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Workplace Pet Hates Mar 9 2016

A list of my pet hates - particularly re: management, so I can make sure not to do them should I ever be in that position.

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Perfectionism is a disease Feb 16 2016

In year 10, my art teacher stopped me.

Stop! You're a perfectionist! And perfectionism is a disease!

Having been praised for my perfectionism all my life, I dismissed her advice. It took more than a decade for me to realise just how right she...

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Getting Noticed Feb 15 2016

I took my own advice at Ruby Conf and introduced myself to several of the better known speakers. One thing I asked each was: what is the common trait between yourself and others who are 'famous within the community'?

Interestingly, none thought it...

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Keep the company of the wise Feb 15 2016

In India, one of the top recommendations for young yogis aspiring to enlightenment is "keep the company of the wise".

I gave up on enlightenment a while ago, but the same applies to any aspiration. Sometimes there's a tendency — at conferences, meetups...

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Three rules for good quality software Feb 4 2016

I was once told three rules for good writing:

The same apply to writing software. Forget design patterns and best practices — they're a means to an end, not an end in themselves. If you're code...

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Summary of Sandi's Keep Ruby Weird keynote Dec 8 2015

Sandi Metz gave a great keynote at You should watch it.

Here's a summary for my own future reference. She goes through 3 interesting psychological experiments, and then covers the take-home points with regards to software dev. Here...

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Spring stop Nov 30 2015

A note for my own future reference: if you're using rails with spring, and you add a new class in a new file under a new folder in your /app directory (eg, adding your first service to an app at /app/services/my_service.rb), Rails will not find that...

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