Joshua Paling

Here are my goals for 2014. Overall I think they're kinda conservative, but given I've got twin babies, I wanted to set something realistic considering the little free time I have.

I've been developing almost 10 years, but have relatively recently started learning Ruby on Rails, so most are related to furthering my progress in that area.

In no particular order:

  1. Have at least a few live Rails sites under my belt by 2015
  2. Learn more about server admin, and have an automated solution for Rails hosting (probably learning Chef / Vagrant etc from the "Reliably Deploying Rails Web Apps" book)
  3. Come up with a solution I'm happy with for hosting Rails apps that my business makes - probably AWS
  4. Present something (that doesn't totally suck) at Roro Syd meetup
  5. Move from student to mentor at Dev Hub nights
  6. Carry out the MicroCourses idea at a RailsCamp & Dev Hub
  7. Be involved as an organiser or mentor at some Rails community events (apart from Dev Hub)
  8. Write at least 6 blog posts on dev-related stuff
  9. Make at least two screencasts (as in, a Ruby / Rails related ones)
  10. Make a nice responsive admin area theme for Rails, and, ideally, make generators so it can be built easily for each new app. (Or find existing solution to do this - possibly Rails Bricks)
  11. Make a commit to an open source Ruby / Rails gem.
  12. Make a few responsive websites using a CSS grid system. (I've done responsive sites manually before, but grids seem much easier!)
  13. Score higher on the Joel Test, or at least the web dev version of it. (When I first found out about this test a couple of years ago, I was scoring embarrassingly low. I've moved up a decent amount, but there's still room to improve!)