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Ruby Load Path Mar 22 2015

A summary of this video for my future reference.

require is a kernel method. When you require files, ruby looks in the $LOAD_PATH global variable (it's also available in $:).

$LOAD_PATH is an array of absolute paths.

Let's say we have shape.rb and...

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Feeling like a better developer Jan 31 2015

If you've come here following my talk at Ruby Conf, thanks for listening!

If you haven't you can watch the talk online.

Preparing a talk limited to 20m was great, in that I had to cut right to the chase. However, it also meant I had to leave out...

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2014 Development Goals - how did I go? Nov 16 2014

At the start of this year, I wrote a post about my goals for the year.

How did I go? Here's a point-by-point breakdown.

In no particular order:

1. Have at least a few live Rails sites under my belt by 2015 ✔

I've made: https://espionagesydney...

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Superstition Driven Development May 7 2014

Being involved in the Ruby community, and in particular, being involved in helping newbies learn to code, I've often come across beginners who have fallen into a trap that I could only describe as "Superstition Driven Development".

Here's a contrived...

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Duck Typing - What is it? Apr 24 2014

Duck Typing is a bit of a buzz word. If you don't know what it is, it's likely that you've used it, or at least read code that uses it, without knowing it.

There's a million posts on duck typing. Most try to get all meta and use an example of a class...

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Play the ball, not the person Apr 22 2014

Years ago, on the rules page of an online forum, I read something that stuck with me. "Play the ball, not the man". Here's an example of the former:

Hi Bob, I'd agree with your point A, but your point B contradicts C and D, which I outlined above...
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My Microcourses Idea Sucked Apr 21 2014

So. My microcourses idea sucked.

The short version of the above link is this: Newbies could do with more structure at events like Dev Hub and Rails Camp. We could make a bunch of short (1-2hr) 'microcourses'. Each would cover a specific topic, and...

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Tips for Conways Game of Life Mar 29 2014

Update: I am going. Yay. And I made some virtual scrap paper for Conway's Game of Life.

There's a senior / junior hack night on tomorrow night. They'll be doing Conway's Game of Life. I wish I could make it, but I gotta look after my babies.


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After Migration Callbacks in CakePHP Mar 19 2014

Here's a little code snippet I never remember, and often find myself looking for in past projects. Figured it'd save me some time to paste it here.

Instantiate a model and execute some SQL (or do whatever you want) after a migraton has run:

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How best to mock emails for testing in CakePHP Mar 11 2014

Great question (or rather, great answer) here

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