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Fix - Plesk fails to send email to same domain Mar 11 2014

I came across an issue where the server would send email fine, except if it was sending the email to the same domain as the website it was being sent from (eg. sending from the website to or similar...

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My thoughts on moral dilemmas, and dymaxion's final slide at ruby conf au 14 Feb 23 2014

Eleanor Saitta was the closing speaker for RubyConf Australia, and her speech ended something like this: "This conference was very white, and very male. Here's a list of 37 women that you could have invited to speak." (shows slide of names).

Not surprisingly...

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Ruby Conf Day 1 Wrap Up Feb 19 2014

Rubyists across the globe will no doubt be flocking to my blog by the millions to read my wrap up of day 1. Not really. But my business paid for my ticket, so I should make some notes or something.

Here's the talks I went to, and the main points I...

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Questions About Unit Testing Feb 8 2014

Before I started unit testing, back when I knew it was all the rage but just hadn't got around to learning it, or wasn't sure if it'd be worthwhile for me, I wrote down these questions. It took me a while to get round to it, but I finally wrote answers...

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My 2014 Development Goals Jan 31 2014

Here are my goals for 2014. Overall I think they're kinda conservative, but given I've got twin babies, I wanted to set something realistic considering the little free time I have.

I've been developing almost 10 years, but have relatively recently...

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Declare your javascript functions as variables Dec 17 2013

Just sharing a quick tip I recieved at the last Ruby on Rails Dev Hub: declare your javascript functions as variables.

Rather than declaring your javascript functions like this:

function sayHello($name){
 alert('hello ' + $name);

declare them...

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MicroCourses - Helping Newbies & Mentors Get More Out Of Ruby / Rails Events Nov 3 2013

I'm writing down my thoughts after a discussion with @gregmcintyre and others at RailsCamp Sydney regarding how to help newbies get more out of RailsCamp, and other events (eg. DevHub). 'Newbies' mainly refers to people who have had a basic intro through...

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Automate MySQL Database Backups with Capistrano Oct 2 2013

I was looking for a way to:

a) Run regular MySQL database backups, keeping eg. daily copies for the past week, monthly for the past year, etc.

b) Backup the database prior to each capistrano deployment, and download a copy of the backup to my own...

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CakePHP - Catching integrity constraint violations when deleting records Sep 30 2013

In a CakePHP app, if you've done the right thing and defined your Model associations at the database level (ie, if you've added foreign key indexes to all the relevant fields in every table), then you might come across errors when deleting records...

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Custom Repository not found by Composer Sep 23 2013

Using these instructions, I was trying to use my own custom repository with composer. I had forked the package kamisama/cake-resque to my own github account and was trying to include my own version in my project.

Here's a simplified version of my...

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